Monday Aug 05, 2013

PraxisLIVE: Multimedia Designer on the NetBeans Platform

PraxisLIVE (@PraxisLIVE) is an open-source graphical environment for rapid development of intermedia performance tools, projections, and interactive spaces. It lets you easily create projections, custom VJ tools, sonic performance instruments, and live media for theatre and dance performances. You can use it as a live digital sketchbook, to test out ideas, and experiment with code. It is created on the NetBeans Platform and looks as follows:

Some very cool YouTube clips about PraxisLIVE can be seen here.

For example, in a cinematic transformation of a public space in the YouTube clip below, two strangers can move together remotely. Their combined movement, captured, merged and creatively manipulated, is projected onto a single meeting point in the urban landscape. There are 3 video graphs running, one using OpenGL for the projection, and two doing software motion detection so that the person playing in front of each camera can control elements in each scene; along with a complex audio graph, and various fragments of custom Java & GLSL:


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