Friday Aug 02, 2013

Cyber-Physical System Vulnerability Analysis on the NetBeans Platform

Knowledge Based Systems Inc's ( Cyber-Physical-Electromagnetic Spectrum Integrated Domain Mapping Toolkit for Vulnerability Analysis and Critical Resource Identification Enablement (CEPHEID VARIABLE) project addresses the growing need for analyzing cyber-physical system vulnerabilities and identifying their critical resources. The technology benefits a diverse set of industries that are increasingly leveraging advances in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)—networks of physical artifacts tied together via cyber sensors and computer systems—to integrate and better manage the components of large scale systems, such as, electricity grids, health care monitoring, and the next generation battle space.

The CEPHEID VARIABLE toolkit uses structural analysis (e.g., topological vulnerability analysis and graph metrics analysis of large networks) and parametric analysis (e.g., Bayesian network analysis) to support the acquisition, representation, storage, mapping, vulnerability, and dependency analysis of all information that links cyber and physical resources in a system.

The CEPHEID VARIABLE toolkit is built on the NetBeans Platform and utilizes third party libraries and custom KBSI modules. 

More information is available here:

This material is based upon work partly supported by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) under Contract No. FA8650-12-M-1399.

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