Tuesday Jul 02, 2013

jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner’s Guide

The brand new "jMonkeyEngine 3.0 Beginner’s Guide" teaches aspiring game developers how to build modern 3D games with Java. The jMonkeyEngine library is a free, open source 3D game engine for Java developers. jMonkeyEngine 3 comes bundled with the jMonkeyEngine SDK, a software development kit built on top of the NetBeans Platform.  The SDK sets up the classpath and build scripts so you can start working on your project right away. The game development tools in the SDK assist novice and advanced game developers when they write code, lay out the scene, design effects, or convert files.

This primer on 3D programming is packed with best practices, tips and tricks, and example code. Progressing from elementary concepts to advanced effects, budding game developers will have their first game up and running by the end of this book.

The jMonkeyEngine SDK is based on the NetBeans Platform.

Congratulations to Ruth Kusterer for this great new book!

Monday Jul 01, 2013

Systematic Text Review Evaluation on the NetBeans Platform

Revis (Systematic Review Supported by Visual Analytics) was created to support the selection and evaluation of quality of primary studies in systematic reviews. It provides visual mappings of the set of primary studies to be reviewed, to help the user to explore the data.

The application is a flexible visualization tool that has several text handling facilities, which allows for a VTM (Visual Text Mining) exploration of a collection of documents. It is an open source tool that has been developed at the University of São Paulo in Brazil. Revis supports the selection of primary studies in systematic literature reviews.

It is created on the NetBeans Platform to benefit from the project system, among other standard NetBeans Platform features:

Further info: http://ccsl.icmc.usp.br/pt-br/projects/revis


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