Tuesday Jul 23, 2013

NetBeans @ JavaOne China 2013

In Shanghai, a great moment at the start of JavaOne China 2013 for me, from a NetBeans perspective, was meeting the NetBeans booth staff, all great Oracle folks from Oracle Shanghai:

Above, you see, among others, Fred, Geertjan (me), Patrick, Sheldon, Felix, Kevin, Lily, JiBing, and Tristan ! (Also note that I appear to have found the Chinese implementation of Zoran Sevarac from Belgrade, Serbia.)

I gave the group an overview of cool things to show and do in NetBeans IDE. In particular, the ability to click in the Chrome browser and see where artifacts are defined in the IDE has been a big focus in the demos we've done at the booth.

Very quickly everyone got involved in introducing JavaOne attendees to the cool features in NetBeans IDE. Really nice to see how enthusiastic the booth staff is and how helpful and assertive in drawing passersby into demo scenarios.

And, today, the NetBeans hands on lab "Unlocking Java EE with HTML5" (PDF downloadable here) was completely packed out. Many thanks to Fred, Sheldon, and Patrick, who were fantastic proctors, very helpful and patient in helping with questions that arose.

Finally, tomorrow, a session will be held entitled "What's New in NetBeans IDE", where the great features in 7.3, 7.3.1, and 7.4 will be highlighted and demonstrated.

Aside from the weather, which is definitely not, everything is very cool here!


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