Monday Jul 22, 2013

Official Support for PhoneGap in NetBeans IDE

PhoneGap is a free and open source framework that allows you to create cross-platform mobile applications with standards-based Web technologies, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

NetBeans IDE 7.4, with its Beta released a few days ago, supports PhoneGap. For free. Without the need to install plugins. Because the NetBeans IDE free PhoneGap support is provided out of the box when you install the Java EE or All distributions of NetBeans IDE 7.4.

Here's a sample PhoneGap app deployed in my Android emulator:

The IDE lets you register artifacts for Android and iOs:

A complete sample is available to get you started, showing you how to write rich mobile applications in HTML5 and Javascript using JQuery, PhoneGap with the Geolocation API and Contacts API, together with the Google Maps API. Since this is developed via PhoneGap, the very same code can be tried out and deployed on both iOS and Android devices.

A blank project skeleton can also be created:

A PhoneGap application is just a flavor of an HTML5 application, so you can turn any HTML5 application into a PhoneGap application very easily:

Deployment to various devices can be set globally via the new browser switcher in the toolbar or per-project in the Project Properties dialog as shown below:



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