Tuesday Jun 25, 2013

Squibbly Update: Multiple Document Support

An update on Squibbly, the recently announced free and open source integration framework for LibreOffice!

Now multiple documents can be opened at the same time, either from "File | Open File" or from the File Browser (i.e., the rebranded Favorites window). Click to enlarge the image below to get a fuller perspective on Squibbly:

Take note of the tabs at the bottom of the editor-area in the screenshot above, and especially when you click the image to enlarge it. Multiple tabs are available at the same time, each representing a different open document. Click a different tab and its document is activated and brought to the front of the application. That means multiple LibreOffice applications can be used simultaneously, each could be undocked from the frame of the application, and the user can work with multiple documents, from multiple LibreOffice applications, all at the same time.

Info from this forum entry was useful in getting to the above solution:


Still several focus-related problems to solve for the application to be ready for general usage.


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