Thursday Jun 06, 2013

NetBeans Platform in Croatia and Beyond!

I had a great time at JavaCro over the last few days, held near Zagreb, Croatia. I was there last year too, when the conference was held for the first time. I renewed some contacts I made then, ate really a lot of meat (seems to be the main item of food in that part of the world), and met a lot of people for the first time.

I did two presentations, one on HTML5 tools in NetBeans IDE and HTML5 integration with Java EE. The other was an introduction and panel discussion about some of the cool applications being created on the NetBeans Platform in and around Croatia.

Here's the whole panel, from Amphinicy, Gaea+, Croatian Telecom, and Belgrade University:

Sadi from Amphinicy talked about network satellite software created by him and his team, on the NetBeans Platform. Here's one of several applications that they have on the NetBeans Platform:

Marjan from Gaea+ in Slovenia talked about geolocation software created by him and his team, on the NetBeans Platform:

Boris from Croatian Telecom talked about an OpenMQ administration software created by him and his team, on the NetBeans Platform. He's used the real-time charts from VisualVM and is considering providing the application in the form of a plugin from VisualVM:

Zoran talked about the neural network software created by him and the NetBeans User Group Serbia at the University of Belgrade, on the NetBeans Platform:

There's clearly lots of cool and surprising stuff going on with the NetBeans Platform around the world. Several people at the conference indicated they'd like to create applications on the NetBeans Platform too, because of its modularity, loose coupling, and out-of-the-box components, so I'm looking forward to doing another session like the above at the next JavaCro, with different applications!


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