Monday May 20, 2013

Live Band Music Manager on the NetBeans Platform

Chord Maestro is an application on the NetBeans Platform that displays chord charts on a computer, TV, or large (confidence) monitor, without requiring a lot of unnecessary effort. Chord Maestro was made for live bands and church worship leaders tired of using music stands and having to deal with an ever expanding library of paper chord charts.

A comment from Mike Kelly, the developer behind Chord Maestro, as well as the recently highlighted US Navy chemical & biological modeling software:

I built this app in about three months in my free time (which ain't much with a two year old running around). We've been using it every Sunday at church for a while now and it has allowed us to do away with paper music and music stands. Everyone that sees it is shocked that it is not a commercially built tool.

(Much) more info:


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