Monday May 13, 2013

WYSIWYG Editor for Java Desktop Applications

The EPUB Open Toolbox (introduced in the last two blog entries) includes a WYSIWYG editor based on the Swing HTML Editor Framework (SHEF), but extended in small ways. For example, keyboard shortcuts can be used for bold, italics, etc.

One of the holy grails of the Java desktop world, that is, WYSIWYG support, can thus be solved via SHEF. Here's the visual pane of SHEF embedded in a NetBeans TopComponent:

And, when you switch to the Source view, the above is shown as follows in the SHEF XML editor:

If I make a change to the source and switch to the view, the view is automatically updated, and vice versa.

Would be cool to replace the editor above with the NetBeans XML Editor. On the other hand, that could have disadvantages too. Not sure how that would figure on the juice/squeeze continuum. 


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