Saturday May 11, 2013

EPUB Open Toolbox (Part 1)

The start of an open source EPUB editing tool in Java. Right now, you're able to open EPUB files, view their content (the JavaFX WebView is used to display the XHTML content), and even extract the content of EPUB files so that they can be edited in a new EPUB project type, prior to letting you recreate the EPUB file from the project. Click to enlarge the image below.

The Java API used to inspect EPUB files is:

Ultimately, the aim is to replicate the EPUB functionality of Sigil and Oxygen. The sources (and binaries) will be available here on (but not yet right now):

The application is modular on the NetBeans Platform, uses the JavaFX WebView, and is built on Maven. Is there a WYSIWYG editor based on the JavaFX WebView out there? Would be great to integrate it, instead of the bare WebView component currently used in this project. Therefore, right now, there's no editing support in the WebView, though the raw XHTML files can be edited, with the support of the standard NetBeans tools, e.g., syntax coloring, code completion, and validation.

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