Friday May 10, 2013

Aquatic Robotic Management Software on the NetBeans Platform

Jessiko is robot fish technology created by Robotswim in France. The technology was first exhibited at the French Pavilion at the 2012 World Expo in South Korea. It is currently marketed at events and for luxury decorations, such as at luxury hotels, restaurants, commercial centers, museums, and waiting rooms.

The Robotswim management software, named Jessikommand, offers robotic research teams and teachers a unique development and learning platform with access to cutting edge software and technologies. Together, the originality of an aquatic fish robot, 3D locating capabilities, and inter-robot communication make Jessiko a full and powerful system. Also, Jessiko opens the door to collaboration with biologists, thanks to its capacity to integrate with the living world.

Jessikommand is an integrated environment on the NetBeans Platform. It has been designed for trying out Jessiko features, letting you control aquatic robots, while also enabling you to display real-time status of elements such as robots and beacons:

The main features of Jessikommand are as follows:

  • Transmitter control. Connect to the concentrator without any configuration.
  • Direct control. Control one or more Jessiko robots using your keyboard.
  • World design. Create your own “world” with robots, beacons, and remotes.
  • Battery monitoring. Check batteries of active robots.
  • Radar view. Check internal vision of robots
  • Debug systems. Read reports from internal Jessiko variables.
  • Check distance. From elements to beacons, enabling finding of nearest beacon.
  • Emergency stop. Immediately disable all active elements within the beacons range.
  • Intuitive GUI. You can adapt Jessikommand to your needs using its flexible GUI.
  • Cross-platform. Jessikommand is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

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