Wednesday May 01, 2013

Medical Informatics Software on the NetBeans Platform

Candelis, a medical informatics company based in Newport Beach, California, develops innovative, cost-effective solutions for the healthcare IT industry, specifically focused on image visualization, workflow, archival, and reporting.

The ImageGrid Platform by Candelis is a feature rich and yet cost effective modular application created on top of the NetBeans Platform. It consists of a suite of sophisticated image archiving, image management, visualization tools, and workflow optimization capabilities, which are closely integrated with state-of-the-art hardware.

Shown below, for facilities providing Mammography services, an optional, tightly-integrated Mammography Tracking Module provides the ability to address workflow requirements specific to the field of Mammography. The Mammography Tracking Module tracks relevant exam results, pathology results and follow-ups, generates patient letters and administrative reports automatically, provides seamless integration with the National Mammography Database, and ensures compliance with regulatory bodies.

A scheduler is also included:

Shown below, the ImageGrid Mammography Viewer can be used in conjunction with other tools to increase a radiologist’s productivity by allowing multi-modality diagnostic reading from a single workstation and using a consolidated worklist:

And here is yet another view, showing an abdomen case, with maginification switched on:

More details:


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