Tuesday Apr 23, 2013

Radiology Software on the NetBeans Platform

DigiMed is a set of solutions for the health industry, such as DigiMed Radiology, DigiMed Laboratory, DigiMed Pathology, and DigiMed Electronic Medical Record.

DigiMed is developed in Mexico with Java technology, is based on a Java EE architecture, and uses Swing on the client-side. The application has been continually growing and is in use at several hospitals in Mexico, including Christus Muguerza, Clínica Nova, Clinica Nogalar, DEBBIOM, OCA Hospital, Clínica Vitro, Prioriry Radiological Group, and Alestra. To improve its modular structure, the Swing application has been migrated to the NetBeans Platform, which has enabled the team to start working on additional applications, such as in the areas of radiology and EMR.

DigiMed Radiology connects to various pieces of medical equipment through the DICOM protocol, receives and stores the images through PACS, and through the HL7 protocol communicates with the hospital system (HIS), which is in control of the rest of the administrative process. Also, the process has the ability to provide results in various electronic media.

The application controls the entire process of radiology, controls inputs and materials used in the process, handles detailed control over work schedules, enables monitoring and control of the process of diagnosis and reporting. It also generates reports for interpretation, provides statistics, integrates with other processes in the hospital, and allows 3D reconstructions.


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