Monday Apr 22, 2013

Security System Configuration Software on the NetBeans Platform

Ksenia Security produces intrusion detection systems, such as motion detectors and related devices. To let customers configure their devices, Ksenia provides basis, which can be freely downloaded.

To give an impression of basis, there's a dedicated Ksenia Security YouTube channel showing several aspects of the software. For example:

The interesting features of the software, from a programmer's point of view, are the integration of various different features within a single unique platform. For example, the software integrates Ethernet communication, Serial communication (through TxRxLib), two voice synthesis engines (one open source, in English and Italian, which is FreeTTS), and a third party synthesis engine (Loquendo from Nuance).

A graphical interface has been developed on the NetBeans Platform (as can be seen in the YouTube movie above) to let the user build graphic maps that are then uploaded to a custom web server to Ksenia's intrusion detection panels, with ONVIF integration through web services.


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