Friday Apr 12, 2013

NASA Mission Operations on the NetBeans Platform (Part 2 of 4)

The NASA Goddard Flight Dynamics Mission Services Monitor (AKA System Console) provides multiple mission post-launch support for flight dynamics data services. System Console was developed by NASA as part of the Goddard Flight Dynamics Modernization effort in 2011, led by Aerospace Industry contractor ai Solutions. The software is deployed in the Flight Dynamics Facility at the Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD USA.

What Does the Software Do?

System Console serves as a facility mission operations health monitor, data forwarder and logger. At a glance operators and analysts can determine what mission software services are connected to the facility message bus, GMSEC. Detailed information on whom and what is connected to the various mission support data services can be searched and examined. Historic records and detailed messages can be queried from databases and compared to current information.

How Does the NetBeans Platform Help?

The rich support for Node Trees via the Explorer Views makes displaying nested services simple. The straightforward MVC architecture of the NetBeans Platform makes managing the multitude of asynchronous background communication simple. The NetBeans Platform allows for developers to produce software that is very lean and easy to maintain.

All the info and text above was provided by Sean Phillips (@SeanMiPhillips), who is a Software Engineer and NASA contractor with aerospace experts ai Solutions.


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