Wednesday Apr 10, 2013

Breast Cancer Screening Software on the NetBeans Platform

Physical-technical quality assurance is one of the essential tasks of the National Reference Centers in the German Breast Cancer Screening Program. For this purpose, mammography units are required to transfer measured values of constancy tests on a daily basis and all images created for this purpose on a weekly basis to the reference centers. This is a serious logistical challenge. To meet these requirements, the Referenzzentrum Mammographie Munster developed an innovative software tool.

The center had already developed web-based software, named MammoControl, allowing for the transmission of constancy test results via entry forms. For automatic analysis and transmission of the images, they then introduced an extension, named MammoControl DIANA, which stands for "DICOM Image Analyzing Network Application".

MammoControl DIANA is based on Java, Java Web Start, the NetBeans Platform, the Pixelmed Java DICOM Toolkit, and the ImageJ library.




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