Thursday Apr 04, 2013

Vending Machine Management on the NetBeans Platform

4Vending by Vendidata is a specialized solution, created on top of the NetBeans Platform, for managing vending businesses.

Almost every business process can be carried out efficiently with the help of 4Vending and its sophisticated tools. Whether you're dealing with parts management, vending machine configuration and composition, customers, suppliers, employees, calculation of commissions and subventions, wearing part management, calculating and accounting rent and installation, or building monthly balances, 4Vending carefully helps with all the challenges of daily business tasks.

In addition, a rich set of interfaces to third party solutions is available.


Near the beginning of 2008, the previous version of the application, based on MS Access, was retired, and development of the new application on the NetBeans Platform started. The NetBeans Platform was chosen primarily because of its module system, window system, update mechanisms, and extensibility.

At the moment, 4Vending is used in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein (where it has 100% market penetration, as there's only one Vending company ;-) there) and Germany. It's available in English and German.

Finally, the 4Vending brochure is a very interesting read, especially because it shows how handheld devices work very well together with desktop solutions:

Looks and sounds like a wonderful application! I think there's some great opportunities for JavaFX in the context of this application, especially for replacing the charts with the cool animated JavaFX chart components, as outlined here:


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