Tuesday Feb 26, 2013

NetBeans Platform 7.3 In Other Languages

NetBeans IDE 7.3 is available in English, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, and Simplified Chinese. 

That means that you can create an application on top of the framework beneath NetBeans IDE, i.e., the NetBeans Platform, and without needing to do anything at all, all those languages will be automatically available and can be enabled from the .conf file of the application. Each JAR in NetBeans IDE has an equivalent JAR in all of the above languages, containing the translations for the English JAR they relate to.

However, what about other languages, e.g., German, French, Arabic, etc? Well, the good news is that the AgroSense team has published the old community translations (which were worked on until NetBeans IDE 7, with investigations still being done about how to continue that project) to Maven Central. The fact that nothing has been translated since NetBeans IDE 7 is not a problem if you're creating a NetBeans Platform application, since not much (if any) UI has been added to the NetBeans Platform since that time, i.e., most changes have been on the level of API changes and performance enhancements and, of course, in the application layer above it, for NetBeans IDE. The latter, though, is a layer that is completely irrelevant if you're interested in providing your own business application on top of the NetBeans Platform.

Include this in your NetBeans Platform application POM and add "--locale de" (or -J-Duser.language=de) to the .conf file of the application and your application will be German:


Better still, here is a Maven application I created today that (1) includes the above dependency and (2) includes the .conf file in the right place:


The screenshot you see above shows you all the JARs that will be downloaded, via the dependency shown above, just for one of the English JARs, so there'll be many other JARs for all the other JARs too.

Here's how NetBeans Platform 7.3 looks in German:

And here it is in French:

And here in Dutch:

When you are using Ant, instead of Maven, you can include all the translation JARs in your branding module:


Thanks Timon and the AgroSense project for making these translations available. 


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