Thursday Nov 29, 2012

JEditorPane on Steroids with Nashorn

Continuing from Embedded Nashorn in JEditorPane, here is the same JEditorPane on steroids with Nashorn, in the context of some kind of CMS backend system:

Above, you see heavy reusage of NetBeans IDE editor infrastructure. Parts of it are with thanks to Steven Yi, who has done some great research in this area. Code completion, right-click popup menu, line numbering, editor toolbar, find/replace features, block selection, comment/uncomment features, etc, etc, etc, all the rich editor features from NetBeans IDE are there, within a plain old JEditorPane. And everything is externally extensible, e.g., new actions can be registered by external modules into the right-click popup menu or the editor toolbar or the sidebar, etc.

For example, here's code completion (Ctrl-Space):

It even has the cool new feature where if you select a closing brace and the opening brace isn't in the visible area, a rectangular popup appears at the top of the editor, to show how the current piece of code begins:

The only thing I am missing is code folding! I wish that would work too, still figuring it out.

What's also cool is that this is a Maven project. The sources:


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