Wednesday Nov 07, 2012

Words Don't Mean What They Meant Anymore

Here are some words which, when I use them nowadays, mean completely different things to what they originally meant. As a reminder to technical people out there, I'm providing the actual (or at least, my short cut definition made up on the spot) definition of these words, i.e., as normal people understand them.

Consider this a friendly service for normal conversation, as opposed to "nerd speak". You're welcome.

  • WAR: armed conflict between two or more countries

  • EAR: natural hearing devices attached to both sides of head

  • JAR: container for drinkable fluids, e.g., milk

  • TAR: dark fluid substance that hardens roads

  • ZIP: device sown into pants for simplified access during bathroom visits

There are probably more, e.g., "mine" and "farm", both of which relate to hard work in the open air...


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