Friday Oct 19, 2012

Implementing the NetBeans Project API on Maven in IntelliJ IDEA

James McGivern, one of the speakers I met at JAX London, is creating media software on the NetBeans Platform. However, he's using Maven and IntelliJ IDEA and one of the features he needs is project support, i.e., the project infrastructure that's part of NetBeans IDE.

The two documents that describe the NetBeans Project API are these:

By combining the above two, you'll understand how to create a project infrastructure on top of the NetBeans Platform with Maven. However, an additional step of complexity is added when IntelliJ IDEA is included into the mix and therefore I created the following screencast which, in 15 minutes, puts all the pieces together.

Be aware that I'm probably not using IntelliJ IDEA and Maven as optimally as I could and I'm publishing this at least partly so that the errors of my ways can be pointed out to me. But, first and foremost, this is especially for you James: 

Note: Intentionally no sound, only callouts explaining what I'm doing. You'll probably need to pause the movie here and there to absorb the text; for details on the text, see the two links referred to above.


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