Thursday Sep 20, 2012

Ordering of NetBeans Platform Menu/Toolbar Positions

Since there's no annotation for setting the position of a menu/toolbar (but only for items within them), here's a quick and easy way to do it by combining a layer file with the standard annorations:

<folder name="Menu">
    <folder name="Analyzers">
        <attr intvalue="300" name="position"/>

And now that the menu position is set, you can use the annotations exactly as before:

    category = "Tools",
id = "de.damaico.connection.analyzer.AnalyzeConnectionsActionListener")
    iconBase = "de/damaico/connection/analyzer/customer.png",
displayName = "#CTL_AnalyzeConnectionsActionListener")
    @ActionReference(path = "Menu/Analyzers", position = 0),
    @ActionReference(path = "Toolbars/Analyzers", position = 300)
@Messages("CTL_AnalyzeConnectionsActionListener=Analyze Connections")
public final class AnalyzeConnectionsActionListener implements ActionListener {

I.e., thanks to this tip (from Benno Markiewicz from Leipzig), you get the best of both worlds.

There's also a related patch in Issuezilla by Ernest Lotter. The patch creates a new annotation for registering menu positions:


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