Thursday Jul 19, 2012

NetBeans Support for Gradle Multi-project Builds

The start of multi-project build support (described here) for the NetBeans Gradle plugin. For the projects that are part of the multi-project build, a separate project type is defined, which is registered in the lookup of the main Gradle project. Now each of the projects can be opened and worked on independently of the main project, in the same way as with suites/modules in NetBeans Platform development or the EJB modules in a NetBeans Java EE application project, for example.

Above, you see the Netflix Curator on GitHub, which Tim Boudreau suggested might be a good largish real world application for trying out the NetBeans plugin for Gradle.

As a consequence, I learned a lot about sub project type support in the NetBeans Platform. (Well, actually this is part of the APIs exposed by NetBeans IDE and not the NetBeans Platform.) Read about it here, which is where I documented it in the NetBeans Platform 7.2 Project Type tutorial:


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