Monday Jun 18, 2012

Smarter Search Results in NetBeans IDE 7.2

After you search your code using NetBeans IDE (using Ctrl-F for "Find" or Ctrl-H for "Replace"), you see the Search Results window, which looks like this:

At least, the above is how it looks in NetBeans IDE 7.2. Before that, you didn't have all those extra columns (which can be displayed in the Search Results window after clicking the small button top right in the view) and you also didn't have the quick search (which is invoked by typing directly into the Search Results window), as can be seen here:

So, the Search Results window now provides a lot more info than before. Being able to know the path to a file I've found, as well as the last modification date, file size, and the number of matches within the file, is useful at the end of a search process.

In the NetBeans IDE 7.2 New & Noteworthy, the above changes are described in the Utilities section, as well as in the Quick Search in OutlineView section, where you can read that these are generic solutions that can be used in your own OutlineViews. Other OutlineViews in NetBeans IDE 7.2, such as the Debugger window, now also have these new features.

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