Thursday Apr 01, 2010 on Raytheon's Application Infrastructure

Great support again from Kevin Farnham, who is the managing editor over at and owner of of Lyra Technical Systems, Inc. In his blog, he published the following two days ago:
Geertjan Discovers Raytheon Applying NetBeans in Mission Critical U.S. Department of Defense Software

Geertjan Wielenga pointed out the Raytheon Virtual Control enterprise management and control system, "yet another NetBeans Platform application in the defense sector." I'm sure I must have sent out an application for employment to Raytheon multiple times during my career as a software engineer, since they have offices in my region and the work is in the sector where I've done most of my development.

So, I find the fact that Raytheon would choose NetBeans as the platform for developing an application whose "robust capabilities are being applied across the LVC domains to support some of the most critical development programs in the Department of Defense (DoD)" to be yet another indicator of the stability and reliability that NetBeans provides.

The Raytheon Virtual Control product supports these critical U.S. DoD programs:

  • Distributed simulation federations
  • Live instrumented training ranges
  • Command and Control system-of-systems networks
  • Sensor networks

I've worked on some of that stuff myself. And I can verify that, when you need to develop a software product that will meet those types of need, you don't just go with today's hot fad technology. Robustness and reliability are critical for your foundation (and everything you layer on top of it). Facing these needs, Raytheon chose NetBeans.

Some people were concerned about the future of NetBeans after Oracle acquired Sun. But, when you look at the range of applications that are founded on NetBeans, it's clear that NetBeans has already achieved a level of critical mass where it's most definitely not going away. Even if Oracle chose to "drop" NetBeans (which is not in Oracle's plans), someone else would provide the necessary support to keep NetBeans growing in ways that fulfill its user community's needs. There are just too many important applications out there that rely on the stability and robustness that NetBeans provides, as a foundation layer for mission critical applications.

Thanks for finding all these apps for us, Geertjan!

Thanks for the support Kevin!


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