Wednesday Mar 31, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

The blog you are now reading began on 1 April 2005. And here's the slightly inauspicious first blog entry, together with the obligatory "Who Am I" thingy, which I've changed several times since then:

And this is today's blog entry, i.e., this one you are now reading:

I've learnt an unlikely amount of things via blogging. I've learnt, more than anything, that an organization that encourages blogging is a creative place to work. And, implicit in that, to me, is the notion that a blogger should be allowed to blog about anything they want, otherwise what's the point? Blogging is about expressing your feelings about something, where feelings are neither positive nor negative. "Congratulate when appropriate, complain when necessary," has been my unstated guideline. And being constrained to only blog on business-related topics is just so wrong, since a central point of business blogs is to show the people that make up the business.

Anyway, here's looking forward to lots of blog entries about vacations, pets, and funny things that happened on the way to work! And the things learned there, of course, that are all the more interesting for being shared between the random oddities that make up a life.


Geertjan Wielenga (@geertjanw) is a Principal Product Manager in the Oracle Developer Tools group living & working in Amsterdam. He is a Java technology enthusiast, evangelist, trainer, speaker, and writer. He blogs here daily.

The focus of this blog is mostly on NetBeans (a development tool primarily for Java programmers), with an occasional reference to NetBeans, and sometimes diverging to topics relating to NetBeans. And then there are days when NetBeans is mentioned, just for a change.


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