Sunday Mar 14, 2010

Why Investment in NetBeans Platform Trainings is a No-Brainer

Another pic from yesterday's first day of NetBeans Platform training at the University of Belgrade, Serbia:

Many more pics can be found here in Boris Horvat's Picasa Web Album, with more info on the NetBeans User Group Serbia site.

And, guess what, the adoption of NetBeans IDE could be increased massively if an investment were to be made in NetBeans Platform trainings. After all, the students at the University of Serbia have little interest in a training in NetBeans IDE, since IDEs are (or should be) intuitive. Therefore, either no training is needed (because the IDE is intuitive) or no training is wanted (because the IDE is such a mess that it is abandoned for another IDE). However... via NetBeans Platform trainings, students get exposed to NetBeans IDE, since NetBeans IDE is the SDK for the NetBeans Platform, as can be seen on the monitors below:

Hence, logic dictates that anyone who wants adoption of NetBeans IDE to increase should invest very heavily in promoting and sponsoring trainings in the NetBeans Platform, since anyone who has ever studied Swing and/or anyone who wants a modular framework for their applications (and who doesn't want that?) would then be exposed to NetBeans IDE via being trained in usage of the NetBeans Platform.


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