Tuesday Feb 16, 2010

Brand New Learning Environment on the NetBeans Platform

The next interesting NetBeans Platform application to look at was released a few days ago. Kojo is a free application, running on the operating system of your choice, to "enable kids (and curious adults!)" to learn about programming:

The Kojo learning environment has also raised a lot of interest in the Scala community, since it includes a Scala REPL and a Scala code editor (based on Caoyuan Deng's Scala plugin for NetBeans IDE). Read the full announcement here, which focuses primarily on the Scala REPL part of the application.

Tip: If you're creating a similar application, have a look at the sources of this one, via Mercurial:

hg clone https://kojo.googlecode.com/hg/ kojo  

You'll end up with this:

Hoping to have an interview with Lalit, the developer behind Kojo, available soon.

Cycling on the NetBeans Platform!

The next YANPA (yet another NetBeans Platform application) is... Saris PowerAgent 7.4. It's a commercial software package that you install to measure and analyze your performance when you're doing workouts on an exercise bicycle:

Here, for example, you can see how to create workouts:

And those workouts can be uploaded to a handheld device for storage and further analysis! Read all about it here. Thanks to nathan for bringing this application to my attention and I'm hoping to publish an interview with the developers behind this application soon.


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