Monday Feb 08, 2010

Commercial Data Mining Software on the NetBeans Platform

Yet another NetBeans Platform application comes from South Africa... the Maltego client, a "frontend used to graphically allow you to look at various inter-relationships between data". Maltego itself is an open source intelligence and forensics application. It is an application for data mining and information gathering, as well as the representation of this information in an easy to understand format. Coupled with its graphing libraries, Maltego allows you to identify key relationships between information and identify previously unknown relationships between them.

Screenshots from the site are listed below, together with their captions from the site.


  • Easily identify relationships and links between nodes:


  • Identify relationships with n degrees of separation:


  • Maltego allows you to quickly enumerate various entities such as domains and DNS names.


  • Enumerate social networks and relationships within these networks:


  • Use the various layout options to identify nodes based on their importance:


  • Quickly scan large graphs with the zoom tool:

All the above info is from the Maltego site, where you can also get a limited edition of the application for free, in the form of the Maltego Community Edition. You'll then also clearly see that the application is making use of the NetBeans Platform as its basis:

Take a look at the user guide for all the other powerful features!


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