Friday Feb 05, 2010

Airport & Passenger Management on the NetBeans Platform

In case you missed it, there's a new interview/article on NetBeans Zone entitled "Airport Operation Management on Oracle and the NetBeans Platform".

You'll find out about two NetBeans Platform applications created by AirIT in Orlando, FL, for managing airports and passengers. AirIT's solutions are operational at many airports around the world including Detroit, Minneapolis, Memphis, Philadelphia, Miami, Puerto Rico's, Luis Munoz Marin International Airport, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Düsseldorf International Airports in Germany.

Why is the NetBeans Platform being used? "When we began thinking about evolving our rich client framework, we wanted a proven foundation to base it on. The NetBeans Platform provides us with a module-based system that includes many conveniences that we now take for granted: full Swing integration, allowing us to reuse existing UI components; a robust windowing framework, modes and undocking windows enhance user productivity; loose coupling between modules, allows for the recombination of modules to build new suites of products to meet the needs of a specific customer; and the ease of use, the underlying APIs are easy to pick up and use even for a developer new to the platform. The NetBeans Platform has been integral in our efforts to integrate our products into a comprehensive enterprise suite."

The first of the two applications is Flight Information System, used by airport personnel to plan for and manage flights of all types, airport usage (such as concourses, terminals, gates, ticket counters), and flight schedules, among other information:

The second is Local Departure Control System, which is a passenger processing solution that allows airline operations without proprietary departure control systems to deliver first-rate passenger and baggage handling by alleviating the need to manually process passengers and baggage:

Next week more recently discovered NetBeans Platform applications will be highlighted here and on If you have applications on the NetBeans Platform that the world should know about, please say so!


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