Sunday Jan 31, 2010

Het Lid van Jan Smit

With the recent developments relating to Oracle's acquisition of Sun, I thought that the tone of my blog had become too serious and technically-focused. Sometimes blog entries should be personal and just plain fun, without any business content to speak of. After all, that's how you find out about the person behind the blog and the individual behind the employee.

So, it's time to turn over a new leaf. Occasionally frivolous content will now be added to this blog, since it has for the past 5 years been so overwhelmingly dry and, dare I say it, boring. Here's the first: "Het Lid van Jan Smit", which is about posters all over the Netherlands advertizing underwear, with Jan Smit (a semi famous Dutch singer) wearing them:

It's a funny song even if you don't understand Dutch. Listening to it is a great way to start your week. And that's why I posted it. Happy Oracle years to you all!


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