Friday Jan 29, 2010

Microchip on the NetBeans Platform

"The NetBeans Platform, used by developers around the world to develop a wide variety of rich clients, continues to garner the attention of the developer community. Microchip is a leading provider of microcontrollers, analog semiconductors, and development tools for embedded designs. 'Microchip sees great potential for the embedded developer base in the new NetBeans IDE 6.8 release,' said Derek Carlson, vice president, Development Tools, Microchip Technology. 'While other open source IDE frameworks have grown cumbersome and required significant customization for the embedded market over the past 2+ decades, NetBeans 6.8 delivers a fully capable, modern, lightweight and flexible platform for future embedded IDEs.'"

That's a pretty interesting paragraph at the end of the NetBeans IDE 6.8 Release Notes! The company referred to above, Microchip Technology Inc, is "a leading supplier of field-programmable embedded control solutions by manufacturing the popular PICĀ® microcontrollers; a broad spectrum of innovative analog products; and related non-volatile memory products".

And, as can be seen from the paragraph above, Microchip has been working with the NetBeans Platform as the basis of their own IDE. Hope to be able to show some screenshots of this soon.


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