Friday Jan 15, 2010

Modeling Computational Fluid Dynamics on the NetBeans Platform

Yet another NetBeans Platform application is STAR-CCM+ by CD-adapco:

For computational fluid dynamics modeling, "STAR-CCM+ delivers the entire engineering simulation process in a single integrated software environment. This unique approach brings unrivalled ease-of-use and automation to CAD preparation, meshing, model set-up and iterative design studies, enabling your engineers to deliver better results, faster. Innovations such as built-in surface-wrapping, advanced automated meshing (creating either polyhedral or predominantly hexahedral volume meshes) and the ability to 'copy and paste' components between models have quickly established STAR-CCM+ a reputation for producing high-quality results in a single code with minimum user effort. Written 'from the ground up' using object-oriented programming and the latest software technology combined with outstanding ease-of-use and accuracy, STAR-CCM+ is an entirely new concept in CFD." (from the website)

This is yet another "just one" of many NetBeans Platform applications and was spotted by Tom Wheeler yesterday.

An XML Editor in 3 Steps (Without Any Coding)

Three steps to an XML editor from scratch without your needing to do any coding at all:

  1. Go to File | New Project and create a NetBeans Platform application (or use the Maven archetype and open it in the IDE of your choice).

  2. Right-click the application, choose Properties, and go to the Libraries panel.
    • In "platform11", add a checkmark for "Favorites".
    • In "ide12", add a checkmark for "XML Text Editor" and then click the "Resolve" button.

  3. Run the application, open the Favorites window (Window | Favorites), find your XML file, double-click it, and then it opens in the XML editor.

And here's your XML editor:

And now you can add/remove menu items, toolbar buttons, etc. You can brand the title bar, splash screen, etc. You can create a distribution (from menu items in the IDE) for ZIP distribution or a web start distribution. And you can add new modules with new features. Or remove existing modules to end up with the XML editor of your dreams.


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