Tuesday Jan 05, 2010

Almost Too Much Interest in Poznan JUG NetBeans Platform Certified Training

The Poznan JUG is getting a lot of interest in the upcoming NetBeans Platform Certified Training on 15 and 16 January (i.e., next weekend!!!):

All the info is here:

http://www.jug.poznan.pl/2010/01/bezplatne-szkolenie-netbeans-platform/ (english here)

The biggest problem that Karol Harezlak and I had last year at the NetBeans Day in Poznan was the (pleasantly acquired) hangover from the party on the day before the NetBeans Day in Poznan. Unfortunately Karol (nor Adam Bien) won't be there but, just like last year, Toni will be there too, but this time for a full-blown two-day training.

By the way, anyone else out there have a group of students/colleagues who'd like to learn about the NetBeans Platform? Write to users@edu.netbeans.org and Toni and I (or other NetBeans Platform trainers) will come visit you too. Then you'll learn how to create Java desktop applications on the world's only modular Swing application framework.


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