Wednesday Dec 30, 2009

Music Creator on the NetBeans Platform

Yet another NetBeans Platform application is... the music creator, which is a MIDI synthesizer with keyboard and danceboard integration. "The requirement for this project was to use a dancing board as an input device for our program. Instead of creating a program where people can dance on, we decided to do the opposite. By pressing the buttons on the dance board or keyboard you can create sounds. You are able to record those sounds. After making a couple of recordings you can arrange them on the recording tracks and play them as if they were one song."

Here's what it looks like when I run it from sources in NetBeans IDE:

And, of course, among many other things (such as modularity and a window system), the Matisse GUI Builder must have been pretty useful when constructing the forms in this application:

The application was created by Benjamin Coggin, Youngho Cha & Ingmar Hendriks at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Australia. Ingmar is one of the students that Toni and I trained at the Hogeschool in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Plus, this is his second application on the NetBeans Platform that you can read about in his software portfolio.

And here you see it in action (plus danceboard action!) in a YouTube movie:

The beta seems to have been released in the last day or so. Congratulations guys!

Wildland Fire Management on the NetBeans Platform hosts a NetBeans Platform based implementation of the Campbell Prediction System (CPS), which helps manage and predict the behavior of wildland fire. CPS is described as being used to adjust tactics and strategies to ensure the safety of firefighters and the effective use of resources.

I've seen this CPS implementation on Kenai before, but a lot of development seems to have been taking place in the past few weeks and so I downloaded it to have a look. A lot of work is going into the project, with project lead Bruce Schubert's @Emxsys twitter link being an interesting one to follow.

Here's what the NetBeans Platform based application looks like currently:

This is a NetBeans Platform application with a 3D terrain viewer using NASA WorldWind, JOGL, VisAD and Weka libraries.

Go here for all the details:


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