Tuesday Dec 23, 2008

Nice Announcement in Egypt!

I was googling today and came across this announcement:

And everything stated above is 100% true (here are the pics from yesterday), except for the minor detail that there should be a capital "B" in "NetBeans"!

El-Menoufiya and NetBeans IDE

I was at El-Menoufiya University today, which is midway between Cairo and Alexandria, which is where I have been staying for a while (and where I'll be for quite a while longer, scuba diving, learning Arabic, wandering around, etc). The always energetic Hamada Zahera, who is a member of the staff, had set up my presence there via FaceBook contact with Honza Chalupa from NetBeans. That's how it all came about.

Here are the two presentations I did:

  • Productive Web Development with NetBeans IDE (PDF)

  • Productive Desktop Development with NetBeans IDE (PDF)

About 150 students attended, which is a pretty big group. Some general observations: JSF, Struts, Hibernate, and Spring rule there. Wicket and Grails have never been heard of, so I spent a bit of time introducing those. Especially Wicket spoke to the imagination, since no Java developer likes XML, nor JavaScript, and the HTML/Java split is very easy to understand. Also Groovy was unknown, so I showed it in action a bit. My Napkin Look & Feel joky thing worked again ("ah, but now you've created your database Swing app in 3 minutes, so you better make it look bad so your manager doesn't think you're already finished and you can then work on open source projects in the extra time that results"). But the main point of the exercise was to introduce them to JavaFX, which I did (on Linux, thanks to Weiqi Gao), using a simplified version of Gregg Bolinger's space game (well, at least the images), which speaks to the imagination very well. (So, thanks Weiqi and Gregg.)

The day itself was pretty amazing, everything put together. Especially Nader (and Mohannid, who, with Nader, took me on a trip to the Alexandria Library a few days ago) I'd really like to thank for picking me up from my hotel in Alexandria at 7.00 in the morning and accompanying me to El Menoufiya. There I met the local security people as well as some of the professors, before I did my two hours of presentations. Then the trip back by bus during which I met a nice man who is going to help me with my Arabic studies (amazing how many people have offered that help already so far).

I'll put up the many photos that were made soon. They're quite fun, so it's something to look forward to! They look a lot similar to those taken by Hamada and others at a previous event they organized around Fedora that resulted in the cool pics here. Several of the faces in those Fedora pics are now quite familiar to me!

Thanks a lot to all the enthusiastic students who were there, hope you learned something new. Drop me an e-mail anytime (geertjan DOT wielenga AT sun DOT com). And I'm sure I'll be back sometime soon.


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