Sunday Nov 09, 2008

Brno on the NetBeans Platform!

I spent the weekend in Brno (second city in Czech Republic, after Prague), with students from the Masaryk University, delivering the NetBeans Platform Certified Training, together with Petr Adamek, their instructor (in the purple shirt below):

Petr and I split the sessions between us and it worked really well. He did some sessions in Czech and some In English. He's got good experience with the NetBeans Platform and is a really great teacher, bringing across the conceptual understanding of the NetBeans Platform very clearly. And he definitely isn't a default implementation of the "Trainer" interface—he has his own vineyard, which enabled him to present a workshop on wine tasting, starting at the end of the first day of training (and ending late that same night):

That was really a cool experience. We must have tasted about 10 different wines, including one that he made himself.

Another very interesting thing is that most (almost all) of the students in the class are doing their university thesis (some of them bachelor and some of them master) on the NetBeans Platform! For example, one will create TestNG support, another will provide Stripes support, and another will provide DBUnit support, while someone else will work on Wiki editing support. Some kind of support already exists for some of these, but not on the full blown scale that the students are planning to provide. If any of the students are reading this, they should click here and read about another Masters degree on the NetBeans Platform, done recently in Linz, Austria.

And, finally, just in case anyone reading this wonders whether we did anything other than taste wine, here's a pic of part of the class during one of the presentations:

Thanks to everyone for spending their weekend with the NetBeans Platform! I will be answering several of the remaining technical questions in this blog over the coming days, together with some new tutorials that I will create as a result of some of the questions, and I will also provide pointers to the demos that I did, soon.


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