Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

NetBeans Podcast Episode 47 (Part 2)

Lloyd and I very conscientiously send prizes to those who win the 'NetBeans Puzzler of the Podcast'. We tend to ask, sometime afterwards, for a pic of the happy winner together with their prize.

Below you see one of our recent winners, Lukáš Vlček, with his prize and his daughter:

Below is the text he sent with the picture:

You can see that the book is now the natural course of events in our family. My daughter cannot wait to get her hands dirty with the code while I read the book and naturally she cannot fall asleep without me reading her at least one chapter covering an advanced NetBeans API topic. If I were to describe this book then I would borrow words from Albert Einstein: "If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales." Yes, this book is unbelievable!

Finally, if you ever won the NetBeans Puzzler of the Podcast and did not receive your prize (Robert Appleby in Australia is potentially someone falling in this category), please DO write and let us know! We really don't want disgruntled winners spread around the world as a result of our forgetfulness, incompetence, or otherwise. So write to if you won a prize without actually receiving it.


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