Tuesday Sep 16, 2008

Griffon + JDK 6 Update 10 = 100% Free Draggable Applets

Cay Horstmann's blog today inspired me to try the draggable applet scenario again. JDK 6 Update 10 holds that promise. However, I've never managed to get it to work before on Ubuntu (or anywhere else, but I only use Ubuntu so that's all that matters at the moment). Cay's keymap tip was one step I never knew about. Then I discovered a world of pain (conflicting JDKs, conflicting Java plugins, a myriad of small files that need to be tweaked, half a freakish hour when no applets displayed at all, etc), after which success was sweet indeed. Below you see the applet I created via Griffon as described in Flying with Griffon on Javalobby. However, this time it's dragged out of the web page and into the NetBeans Groovy editor:

Thanks to Griffon and JDK 6 Update 10, the applet that you see above is 100% free. I.e., I did nothing at all to create it and (once everything was set up correctly) I did nothing at all to be able to drag it. Via "griffon run-app" the applet was created (together with the Swing application) and because I opened it into FireFox 3 with JDK 6 Update 10 (b32, which is the recently released RC2 of JDK 6 Update 10), I was automatically able to drag it out of the browser. Griffon is therefore a perfect companion to JDK 6 Update 10. Seriously, if there's a nicer way to produce applets than Griffon (i.e., by not doing anything other than creating a Groovy application and then running "griffon create-app"), I'd like to know about it. Hurray for Griffon: the toolset that makes draggable applets a true breeze.


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