Wednesday Sep 10, 2008

Do you have news about the NetBeans Platform?

Over time, there have been many changes on the NetBeans Platform site, i.e., And there are a few more coming still, but most of the major changes have now been realized. One cool new thing is that there's a vertical scrolling list for news items (since the last few days) relating to the NetBeans Platform, which currently looks as follows:

The vertical scrollbar is new, meaning that the list of new items can pretty much be endless, and maintainers of the page are not limited to focusing on only a handful of the latest news items. So... if anyone out there has news (old/new/whatever) that they'd like the rest of the NetBeans Platform community to know about... there's an e-mail address listed above where you can send your news items. News items can be anything at all, e.g., new releases of your product, tips & tricks, new FAQ items, new articles somewhere, new blog entries relating to the NetBeans Platform, new screenshots of your application, etc. Consider it free advertizing for your product, for example. Also, be sure to keep in touch with that page if you want to keep track of all the things that are happening around the NetBeans Platform!


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