Friday Jul 18, 2008

Quick Search API Sample

I noticed in recent builds that the appearance of the new 6.5 Quick Search feature has improved recently. It looks a lot better and provides more functionality. First, you can see in the final category below that there is a "..." elipsis if the list of results is longer than the length of the visible list:

So you can click on that elipsis and see all the results. Also, if you're looking at the screenshot above and wondering: "He typed 'tip' but several of the results do NOT have 'tip' in the title," then you should look at this screenshot:

Here you can see that the search string "lookup" is in NONE of the returned titles. However, I happen to know for a fact that "lookup" is mentioned in the content of each of the above items, which means that the search does more than a title search, it actually looks into the body of the help topics, which is great news.

Finally, the categories are shown like this, so that you can limit the search to the category of your choice:

And maybe you're wondering about the categories "User FAQs" and "NetBeans Zone" in the screenshots above? Those come from the sample I'm turning into a tutorial describing the API that makes the above integrations possible. It is to be called "Quick Search Integration Tutorial" and will hopefully be available at the beginning of next week. However, the sample code is already available in the Plugin Portal:

Remember that you'll need a recent 6.5 build (Milestone 1 should be fine, I think) if you want to play with the sample.


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