Tuesday Jun 24, 2008

NetBeans and BlackBerry Development

One of the many people I met at the NetBeans booth in Manila last week was Nestor Fernandez:

Nestor is interested in using NetBeans for BlackBerry development. Can someone tell him what he should do to get started?

One thing is to google for answers. I found several articles and blog entries, including these:

However, there doesn't seem to be a BlackBerry plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.x. At least, that's the way it seems to be from my googling. Can someone clarify on this point and give Nestor some place to start with NetBeans and BlackBerry development?

And thanks for sending the pic, Nestor!

Options Dialog Framework in NetBeans Platform 6.5

The Options Dialog and SPI is nothing less than a complete framework for providing your user with a dialog for customizing the application you've created for them. As such, it gives you a complete dialog, i.e., the Options window, into which you can plug additional JPanels and then use the NbPreferences API to let the user set/store/retrieve the customizations you've let them set in the JPanels.

The good news is that this framework will be improved in three significant respects for NetBeans Platform 6.5:

  • The new org.netbeans.api.options.OptionsDisplayer class lets the user programmatically open the Options window with a specific category/subcategory selected.

  • The new OptionsController.createAdvanced method lets you create new subtabs within any tab that makes use of this method, so that any of your own tabs can have subtabs just like the Miscellaneous panel already does.

  • The Options Panel wizard has been changed so that a primary panel can be created that makes use of the item described above, so that any secondary panel that is created (either via the same wizard or manually) can (optionally) be a subtab within one of the primary panels that allow secondary panels.

The related JavaHelp and tutorials will be changed accordingly.

Together, these changes allow for more flexibility in the creation of Options windows, as well as the ability for the plugin/application developer to specify exactly which of the categories/subcategories should be opened at any point in time, which especially makes sense in the context of an ever-growing Options window. Perhaps you've created support for framework XYZ, for example, so that now you'll be able to let the user (via some action, for example) open a very specific XYZ-related category/subcategory within the Options window, one that is enriched with a range of subcategories, which was never possible before. Hurray.


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