Wednesday Jun 11, 2008

Keyboard for the JFugue Music NotePad!

The JFugue Music NotePad received a big code contribution a few hours ago—a complete, functioning keyboard! See the bottom window in the screenshot below:

The contribution comes from Mark Valeri, who has been an active contributor for quite some time already.

It's really cool. Whenever you press a key on the keyboad, the note is added to the music sheet and to the JFugue command window.

Also this morning, the project moved from JFugue 3.2 to JFugue 4.02, which is the latest release of the API. However, we're still on NetBeans Platform 5.5 and need to move to 6.0 in the coming weeks. You can check out the sources from CVS and then run it from the IDE to get the above result.

In other good news, for a mere $25, you can get the very recently released "The Complete Guide to JFugue", by Dave Koelle, the API's author. I have a copy and it is really good, well written, lots of code samples, etc. The absolute Bible to JFugue and a must have for any music programmer:

Click the above to get to the book's page, where you'll also find some free sample chapters.


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