Sunday Jun 08, 2008

Running NetBeans from Eclipse

I made some progress with my Maven-based IDE agnosticism: I am now able to launch NetBeans Platform applications from Eclipse. To do so, I set this goal as a new Eclipse launch configuration for cleaning/building the suite:

clean install nbm:cluster

And I created another new launch configuration for running it:

nbm:cluster nbm:run-platform

Both were simply copied from the Actions tab in NetBeans, from the Maven application's Project Properties dialog box. Then I simply selected my launch configuration as needed, from the handy dropdown in Eclipse (of which I have a NetBeans version, described elsewhere in this blog, that I need to upload to the Plugin Portal soon).

The first time I saw the NetBeans splash screen appear in Eclipse was pretty cool:

And here's the result, a simple NetBeans Platform application that integrates with Flickr, created (mostly) in Eclipse:

The only thing that Eclipse needs is a bunch of wizards, templates, and code generators... and then anyone could use it for creating NetBeans Platform applications.


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