Tuesday May 27, 2008

Tom Wheeler in Prague

Last week NetBeans guru Tom Wheeler and his wife Dawn were in Prague. A few NetBeans people hung out with them in a Czech restaurant one night. Dalibor Topic and David Herron, from the OpenJDK team, were there too—they were in Prague because of the Ubuntu fest that took place here last week.

At the end of the evening, i.e., early hours of the morning, Jarda took Tom and I on a tour of the significant places in the history of NetBeans. Being one of the founders of NetBeans, he could tell us all about it, as well as where all the early meetings and so on took place. It turned out that all the places were drinking establishments and most of them were closed. But eventually we found one (it was a very interesting pub, with taps on the table, one for each person, and a computerized scoreboard on the wall that kept a tally of how much each table had consumed, so a semi-competitive setting, in other words.)

Most pics taken were not of great quality, because it was dark, but here are a few to give an impression:

So, which NetBeans user will drop by next? We can promise a fun time.


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