Sunday May 04, 2008

RichFaces for NetBeans IDE 6.1 (Part 2)

In the comments to my announcement about RichFaces in NetBeans IDE 6.1, yesterday, someone asked for tag completion. Well, that's already possible automatically when you install the plugin I mentioned yesterday. Since the libraries are on the classpath and the necessary declarations are generated right into the JSP page, you can immediately use tag completion (Ctrl-Space) in the generated page, as well as in any other JSP page where you add the declarations, which will result in you getting documentation as well as tag completion:

Also, you can use code completion to access managed beans... well as their content:

Secondly, I created the start of a RichFaces palette, which you can get here:

Currently only two code snippets for RichFaces are in the palette (Aristotle Onassis and Donald Trump, haha) representing a RichFaces calendar and a RichFaces ComboBox. The tooltip shows exactly what will be generated when you drag/drop the item into the JSP page:

I am no RichFaces expert (having only heard of it the first time 2 days ago), so please tell me what else to add, any code snippets that you think are essential in this context, just leave a message at the end of this blog entry and I will extend the palette. Also, note that you can manually add your own snippets to the RichFaces palette, if you follow the instructions on the abovementioned plugins page.


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