Monday Apr 25, 2005

Lucky You: No Deleting of Projects in NetBeans IDE 4.1

One cool thing about is that I can see exactly what someone typed in a search engine to get to my blog. So, what happens is, someone types in a query in a search engine (mostly Google, but many others too), a long list of links is returned, one of which is the one to my blog. When someone then clicks on the link to my blog, the query that they typed in is recorded somewhere in the settings pages of my blog. Cool, huh? (Check out Roumen's blog entry today, about Javadoc Support in NetBeans, which he wrote because several people found his blog after querying "javadoc NetBeans".)

Over the last few days I've been collecting the queries randomly, every once in a while, and here they are, just to show what kind of things people seem to be looking for:

  • how do i create a menu item for an ant target in netbeans 4.1
  • jboss JSP IDE example
  • add a new menu to netbeans 4.1 that is an ant target
  • netbeans start tomcat 5.5.7
  • netbeans can't start 5.5.7
  • netbeans problems with tomcat 5.5.7
  • stop jboss from netbeans 4.0
  • jstl jboss ide
  • netbeans 4 jboss
  • deleting a netbeans project
  • Tomcat monitor
  • jsp editor
  • netbeans ide 4.1 and jboss
  • build web application in jboss
  • migrating ant from one server to another
  • client.urlPart=
  • difference tomcat4 tomcat 5.5
  • netbeans 4.1 + jboss integration
  • netbeans 4.1 + jboss
  • JBoss 4.0 +Tomcat 5.5 +Connect
  • monitor jboss
  • jasper and ant script
  • start jboss from ant
  • jboss relative file read
  • netbeans deploy war server.xml
  • building and deploying a sample application on jrun using ant?
  • remote debugging jboss 4
  • exclude port on web connector with jrun4

One interesting thing is that every other day or so, there are people out there typing variations on "How do I delete a NetBeans IDE project?" (The capitalization of the "NETBEANS DELETE A PROJECT" in the list above is probably a reflection of the querier's frustration at not being able to work out how to delete a project in the IDE!) Well, you can't delete a project in the IDE (you can close it, however). As far as I'm aware, the reason for that is that a user might think that by deleting a project, they're only deleting it from the IDE (i.e., they might think they're just closing the project). Imagine the scene: After months and months of work your project is pretty much complete and you think to yourself: "Hmmm. I don't need this in my IDE anymore." So, you right-click the project and choose "Delete Project". You get a warning that says "Are you sure you want to do this?" and you think: "Yeah, sure. I don't need this in the IDE anymore." So you click OK and you've deleted your project from the file system! Lucky you -- this scenario will never happen in NetBeans IDE 4.1. If you want to delete your project, you'll have to do it in the file system. And you won't be able to blame NetBeans IDE when you do so accidentally...


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