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  • May 28, 2007

Chatting in NetBeans IDE on NetBeans IDE

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
I am a big fan of the NetBeans Collaboration Module and decided to see how/if it worked in today's 6.0 daily development build. First time for me with this module in 6.0. Plus, it would be my first time to use the Collaboration Module on Ubuntu, since I'm a recent convert to Linux, via Ubuntu. And, there were no problems at all. I found I could very easily minimize the amount of space taken up by the module, as can be seen below (I moved it all the way to the right of the IDE and there I expose only the part that is relevant to me):

As can be seen here, the space taken up by the Collaboration Module is very small. I ended up in a conversation with Lasse, who is in Denmark. He is studying computer science and has been using the Matisse GUI Builder a lot. I was going to take a screenshot of our conversation, but then I had to leave quite suddenly, before having made my screenshot.

From now on, I am going to always start up the IDE with the Collaboration Module enabled. Takes very little trouble and the benefits are limitless, since you have no idea who you might bump into there and what you might learn from them or they from you.

In other news. Users of the Visual Library API may recognize the module project I am working on in the above screenshot. I've been looking at the Visual Library Tutorial with David Kaspar, the API's author, and correcting it for NetBeans IDE 6.0. The work is complete and you can now, using NetBeans IDE 6.0, learn all about this interesting new NetBeans API via the Visual Library 2.0 Tutorial, which has now been rewritten (and improved in its explanations, in some areas) for 6.0. Want to see the final code sample, i.e., what you would get if you work all the way through the tutorial? Go here to download the sample from the wonderful new Plugin Portal.

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  • Rodrigo Monday, June 4, 2007
    That's interesting, i thought that this module was no part of netbeans 6.0 M9 yet, how do you get it work?
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