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  • March 20, 2006

Blogging on My Hotel TV in Madrid

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager
This may be a first for http://blogs.sun.com: somebody blogging on their TV. (If it isn't the first, then it is definitely the first time someone is doing so in their hotel room in Madrid the day before Sun Tech Days begins, not that that is relevant, but it is an additional variable added in just to make the claim even more unique.)

So, anyway, I arrived in Madrid and, for the first time, met the great Sang Shin. He's the man behind http://www.javapassion.com. One thing I'm going to do before leaving this country is interview him for netbeans.org. The interview will be about http://www.javapassion.com and the role that NetBeans plays in it. That guy is doing an awesome job. From what I understand (but the interview will clarify this), he started that learning site on his own initiative: initially giving free on-line J2EE courses, and now also doing them for Java itself. He's one motivated guy.

I'm going to be helping him out tomorrow. He's doing an "extreme programming" session at the end of the day sometime. During that, I'll help him with his Collaboration demo and then I will run through the famous Google Toolbar demo. My full presentation will be on Thursday, during NetBeans Day, but then I will not be doing the Google Toolbar. Instead, I will show a lot of slides, going through most of the u.i. for plug-in module development and rich-client application development, and then do a brief demo on JFugue at the end.

I also met Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart (who you can see in last month's edition of the SDN Channel) and a few of the other evangelists who are around for the tech days (how you know that you're speaking to an evangelist is when they ask you, within the first five minutes: "Are you an evangelist?")

Unfortunately I seem to have misplaced my network cable and power cable somewhere between here and Prague (so if you're reading this and you found them lying around Prague airport, let me know). This is why I am blogging on TV, because I want to conserve my laptop's batteries, just in case I can't get hold of a power cable. Either I'll have to find a new power cable tomorrow, or hope that my batteries don't pack up in the middle of a presentation, or steal someone else's. Or maybe I should start my presentation with the words: "Is there a power cable in the house?"

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