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  • August 13, 2012

Back From Vacation

Geertjan Wielenga
Product Manager

Back from vacation and I've found many interesting bits of news in my inbox, as well as elsewhere online, while I've been busy enough throughout today working on various things of interest worth sharing.

Here's the highlights in random order.

  • NetBeans Day at JavaOne 2012. NetBeans Day on 30 September is going to be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before, i.e., truly awesome. Very many speakers will be squeezed in to show off their projects and discuss how NetBeans has been advantageous and how it can improve, both within the IDE and beyond on the side of the NetBeans Platform. The line up of speakers is growing continually, check out the program and the star studded cast of speakers here. Come to NetBeans Day and meet, in addition to the NetBeans Team, developers from PrimeFaces, ESPN, NATO, and many other organizations.

  • Wicket. I updated the Wicket tutorial for NetBeans, which uses Wicket 1.5.3. Several links in the tutorial were wrong, pointing to wrong versions of the plugin, as well as broken screenshots. Once Wicket 6.0 comes out, the plugin will be updated accordingly, though the current stable release of Wicket is 1.5.7. Changing to a different version of Wicket is easy, however, and doesn't necessarily require an update to the NetBeans Wicket plugin, as described in this blog entry, i.e., create a new library in the Library Manager in the IDE, with a name beginning with "Wicket", containing the Wicket JARs of your choice, and then that library will be available when you create your new Wicket web application.

  • Gradle. Attila Kelemen has published an article describing how he's improved and extended the Gradle plugin for NetBeans that I had described earlier in this blog. Please try out his plugin and provide him with feedback. I'll be sure to try it out myself too in the next few days.

  • Ruby on Rails. I've been figuring out with Tom Enebo (and Jesse) what's needed to upgrade the Ruby community plugin to 7.2. Because of this issue some problems have arisen in the plugin. I've checked out the community plugin sources and excluded pieces of it enabling it to compile and the plugin to run. I can create projects and edit Ruby code. Deployment and testing may need some rework, depending on how much of it is actually used by the Ruby plugin and how much of it is unused legacy code. A bit of investigation is needed in this regard and I'd be happy to check my tweaked version of the community plugin into a branch on the repo as a starting point.

  • FreeMarker. I blogged a bit some months ago about FreeMarker support. The sources of the plugin I described are now available here on java.net. The plugin isn't everything it could/should be, so I am hoping for code contributions, while I will provide a complete overview of the functionality that is available soon. No binary of the plugin is currently available.

  • NetBeans Platform Applications. Several hidden NetBeans Platform applications have shown up in my inbox and elsewhere. Three of these, all looking extremely professional, come from GRID-IT, such as this one, which you'll find out more about, together with the other two applications, in a new article to be published soon:

    Other new or recent articles relating to NetBeans Platform applications include an article about refugee assistance by the UNHCR, Mercur Business Control in Sweden, Zirius in Norway, and YouTube movies of an open source media system created in England. There's also a cool new article by the Kuwaiba team about Open Street Map integration with the NetBeans Platform that I'd like to dig into soon, together with Hermien Pellissier's latest Maven/NetBeans tips. Best of all, in the coming months several more NetBeans Platform training courses are available for you to join, as described here and here.

  • NetBeans IDE Tips. And to top it all off a very excellent article has just been released by Tom McGinn, from the Oracle Curriculum Development team, containing a list of tips and tricks for NetBeans IDE usage.

So, enough things going on to keep me off the streets for a while. And I haven't even mentioned some very cool things that are a bit secret right now. Watch this space in the coming weeks for details...

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  • Javier Ortiz Tuesday, August 14, 2012

    The Open Street Map integration was great and straight forward. It would be great to know how to make a Map Server...

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